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On-line Services

New Vision is in the process of adding new, on-line services for patients. These services will aid with the flow of information to our staff without having to call the clinic.

Appointment Bookings

New Vision is now offering on-line appointment bookings for non-urgent appointments at New Vision Family Health Team. This service is currently only available for Dr. Chan, Dr. Bausmer, Dr. Gebeyehu, Dr. O'Brien, Dr. Mensah, Dr. Korsheed, Dr. Cameron, Dr. Kane, Dr. Gimbel and Dr. Adler's patients.

Appointment Cancellations

Since appointments with our physicians/inter-disciplinary health professionals are in high demand, your prompt cancellation will allow another patient the opportunity to access timely medical care.

To help with this process, we have introduced a new feature – online appointment cancellations! Now you can cancel New Vision appointments through a simple online form submission.

Circumcision Info. & Registration Form

New Vision is now offering online registration for our circumcision clinic. This form can be used to gather information regarding the process and/or to book a circumcision for your child.

Our circumcision clinics are open to ALL PATIENTS whom are residents of Canada, not only patients enrolled at New Vision. Patient must be male and under 12 months of age. Please do not register unborn children. No referral is required. 

Circumcisions are an uninsured service which requires a fee of $225.00 payable by debit in officeOnline pre-payment (via credit card) can be done at any time, up until the day before the circumcision.

Disclosure of Medical Information Form

There may be circumstances when as a patient you prefer or require a designated relative or friend of your choosing to receive your medical information. Use this online form to give New Vision permission to disclose all or select aspects of your medical information to your designated relative of friend.

Email Communication Consent Form

New Vision is now offering email communication for test results, appointment information, reminders and test requisitions. Medical information are delivered via password-encrypted PDF. 

All physician's (except for Belmont) are allowing patients to sign up for email communication.

Influenza (Flu) Vaccine Self-Reporting

Did you receive your flu shot from somewhere other then New Vision? If so, we want to know! Click here to report your flu shot online!

Uninsured Services Payment Form 

This form may be used to pay for uninsured services provided by New Vision Family Health Team, via credit card online.

  • Typically this is for services already provided to you, for which you may have received an invoice for
  • This may also be used to prepay for certain scheduled services, such as circumcision or TB skin test

Please do not use this form to request an uninsured service. If you would like to to request one of the below uninsured services, please call our office at 519-578-3510.

Travel Immunization

New Vision is not a travel medicine clinic, and we typically recommend our patients visit a Travel Medicine Clinic for the most basic to most advanced travel needs. However, we do realize due to the costs at a Travel Medicine Clinic, or preference for seeing your own family doctor, that you may decide to seek advice from us. If this is the case, please click here to see what New Vision can offer in regards to basic travel medicine advice and immunization.

Wellness Workshop Registration Form

Did you know you can register for an upcoming wellness workshop online? No referral necessary. 

OHIP Health Card Changes

We require an up-to-date OHIP card number with version code in order to properly bill and track services provided to you under OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan). Failure to provide a valid version code may restrict your ability to receive imaging, laboratory testing and other OHIP funded services.

Please take the opportunity to provide us with your updated health card information by clicking here.