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Our Executive Director

The spirit of "team" is a priority for the Executive Director, Jennifer Willsie.

As an integral member of New Vision Family Health Team, the Executive Director is responsible to the Board of Directors of the Family Health Team to advise on matters of policy and risk, quality monitoring, evaluation and human resources.

The Executive Director also supports clinical program through actively developing team based, patient-centered practices that meet professional and best-practice standards of care.

Working with the Board of Directors, the Executive Director develops strategic plans and acts as liaison with the community and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC). 

Our Administrative Assistant

New Vision's Administrative Assistant, Sara Dhooma, provides administrative support to maintain clinical services and coordinates health service planning to ensure effective and efficient operations. As Privacy Officer, she ensures compliance with PHIPA (Personal Health Information Protection Act), develops privacy policies and conducts routine privacy audit of information use. Sara also oversees facility maintenance, security and equipment including information technology systems (electronic medical records, computers and telephones).

Additonally, Sara is also New Vision's Education Coordinator for academic programs. She manages and coordinates educational opportunities within family medicine and New Vision’s interdisciplinary health team. Please contact Sara at for further information.

Our Health Outcomes Assessor

New Vision's Health Outcomes Assessor, Desirée Leslie, is responsible for supporting New Vision in our quality improvement planning, decision making and implementation activities. This includes reviewing data quality, supporting  the implementation of data quality initiatives and improving the flow and use of information throughout the clinic.

Our Administrative Support Team

Members of our administrative support team are the first people you see when you visit the office.

They answer the phone when you call and book all your appointments, handle your referrals, forward your messages and answer many questions you have.

The Administrative Team plays a major and vital role in maintaining the clinic, improving patient access, coordinating services and ensuring quality patient care.

Our Administratvie Team consists of:

  • Darline Alderson        
  • Mandy Sellner
  • Melissa Hoff
  • Christine Machado
  • Missi Prince
  • Sue Moniz
  • Kristen Vandergrift
  • Natalie Chudzik
  • Jess Ellard