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Our Nurse Practitioners

As a part of our enhanced nursing team, New Vision has Nurse Practitioners available to help meet the needs of our patients in collaboration with our other Family Health Team members.

Our Nurse Practitioners are able to see patients for a variety of health care needs such as well baby visits, periodic health exams, prenatal care and acute illnesses requiring same day appointments. They also have knowledge in chronic disease management including monitoring diabetes and other cardiovascular disease prevention and management. 

Our Nurse Practioners are:

  • Shabana Chishti        
  • Jill Gale
  • Lauren Wells
  • Natalie Bazely
  • Tracy Cockfield 

Our Nursing Team

Our Nurses teach patients and families how to promote good health, prevent disease, and manage chronic illnesses. They are also available to do your injections/ immunizations, wart treatments, ear syringing, and other appropriate treatments, as well as assume responsibility for communication of test results, medication requests to pharmacists and triage calls to enhance patient care.

New Vision's enhanced nursing team continues to assist in the development and management of our Chronic Disease and Preventive Care Programs.

Our Nursing Team consists of:

  • Sharon Binns, Lead RN
  • Cherylann Arnel, RN
  • Jill Cherryholme, RPN
  • Safina Mahamad, RPN
  • Joana Ramalho, RPN
  • Richelle Capern, RPN
  • Courtney Clarke, RPN
  • Kristen Hayes, RPN
  • Dawn Moules, RPN

Our Medical Office Assistants

Our Medical Office Assistants work in a hands-on clinical support capacity in our Family Health Team. They manage patient flow through the clinic and are available to take your blood pressure, weight and help with collecting specimens.

Our Medical Office Assistants are:

  • Juliana Lopes
  • Beth Kowall

Our Clinical Pharmacist

Our Clinical Pharmacist, Bridget Braceland, helps in optimizing medication therapy and serves as a resource to the entire team. Our Clinical Pharmacist is also involved in a number of clinical programs to ensure safe, comprehensive and effective pharmacotherapy for specific chronic conditions.  New Vision patients can meet with the Clinical Pharmacist one-on-one to complete a medication review and ask drug related questions.

Our Mental Health Counsellors

At New Vision Family Health Team, your total health and well being is our top priority. Emotional health or mental health problems can affect one’s ability to lead an active, productive life or manage other health problems.  Mental health is a state of well being in which an individual realizes his or her abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life and can work productively and be able to make a contribution to his or her community.

Our Mental Health Counsellors are all registered social workers or marriage and family therapists. They work with children through to seniors and provide consultation and/or short term therapy for a variety of issues such as: depression, anxiety, stress management, grief and bereavement, family and couple relationships, trauma and abuse, parenting, and issues related to loss or adjustment. If you would benefit from short term support, please speak with your family physician about a referral.  In addition to individual, couple and family counseling our staff occasionally facilitate wellness workshops around a variety of topics related to stress management, parenting and coping with various health issues. 

Our Mental Health Counsellors consist of:

  • Tracey Clark
  • Mary Luard Molnar
  • Catharine Voisin
  • Carey Sipes

Our Registered Dietitians

Our Registered Dietitians, Jenny Harrision and Natalie Klaver, provide nutrition counseling and education to individuals and groups. They can teach you and your family to make wise eating choices that promote good health at any stage of life.  They also provide specialized nutrition therapy to help you manage conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure as well as other conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other gastrointestinal disorders, food allergies and intolerances, arthritis, and liver and kidney disorders. 

Our Respiratory Therapists

Our certified Respiratory Therapists can meet with you to discuss Asthma, COPD or talk to you about quitting smoking. They will teach you about your chronic condition, how it affects your lungs, what the inhaled medications are and how to use them correctly, and how to use an Action Plan. For those wanting to quit smoking we offer individual and group counselling to help you quit in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

Our Respiratory Therapists are:

  • Amy Massie
  • Angela Shaw