A circumcision can be a safe, simple procedure done with a minimum amount of discomfort using a device called a plastibell that is placed under the foreskin. The foreskin is then removed except for a small remnant, which will fall off with the plastibell within seven days.

Benefits of circumcision include:

  • Lower risk of urinary tract infection
  • Lower risk of penile cancer
  • Lower risk of infection and inflammatory conditions of penis, such as balanitis
  • Elimination of risk of phimosis
  • Possibly lower risk of certain sexually transmitted diseases

Types of Patients Seen

Our circumcision clinics are open to ALL PATIENTS whom are residents of Canada, not only patients enrolled at New Vision. Patient must be male and under 12 months of age. Please do not register unborn children.

What to Expect

Circumcisions are an uninsured service which requires a fee of $225.00 payable by debit. You can pre-pay online by credit card up until the day before the circumcision. Click here to pre-pay.

No referral is required. Please click here for more information and to register your child.