COVID-19 Vaccination Pre-registration (current eligible groups) Click here  Latest update: May 3, 2021.

Note: It may take 4-6 weeks before Public Health will contact you to book an appointment. They ask that you not call to check your status.

When you are eligible, please consider booking at our site. You will get to choose the time and place for your vaccine. We are listed as the New Vision FHT (Greenbrook Drive, Kitchener). When you receive your Invitation to Register, select this site option.  Note: Although New Vision FHT is one of the region’s vaccination sites, we are not able to book an appointment for you. Please do not call our office. You must book through the region’s portal.

Click here for the latest patient email update (dated April 23, 2021)

Click here to complete the COVID-19 screening prior to your in-office appointment.

Click here for Waterloo region COVID-19 self-referral assessment and testing centers.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.

In-office Appointments: Please click here to complete the COVID-19 screening questions prior to your in-office appointment.

Click here to access the Ontario School and Child Care Screener.

Click here for the return to work/school/daycare Attestation package.

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