THAS is a free, confidential telephone service that is available to enrolled/rostered patients for health advice from a Registered Nurse when the New Vision office is closed.

THAS Phone Number: 1-866-553-7205

Patients who call THAS have access to Ontario Registered Nurses who will provide them with symptom based health advice and information. In addition, THAS nurses will have access to the on-call physician and, when appropriate, will call the physician for secondary triage regarding the caller's concerns.

What Happens When You Call

Patients who call THAS are connected to a nurse or a patient assistant representative. Once patients are transferred to a nurse, their demographic information and enrollment (rostered) status is verified. Based on the THAS nurse’s assessment and the clinical guidelines, the nurse will provide self-care advice, direct the patient to their physician’s office (within 24-72 hours), contact the on-call physician or direct the caller to the nearest emergency department. Should secondary triage be necessary, the THAS nurse will contact the on-call physician.

If you are not an enrolled/rostered patient of the New Vision FHT, then you can call Telehealth Ontario 1-866-797-0000.