Types of Patients Seen

The goal of the Hypertension (HTN) Management Program is to achieve better outcomes through increased control of high blood pressure, while also promoting self-management, according to clinical practice guidelines.

What to Expect

Patients are seen by the HTN Registered Nurse for individual appointments. Once blood pressures are under control, ongoing education and support is provided every 6-12 months by the hypertension management team.

At your appointment, you can expect:

  • Your blood pressure will be taken using a BP TRU monitor. This machine takes six readings, one minute apart and averages the last five to provide an accurate assessment of your BP. If there is suspicion that your BP is high because you are in a clinic setting, we will send you home with a monitor to check your BP at home for seven days.
  • Discuss what hypertension is, how high BP affects your body and what can be done to reduce your risks. It is important to monitor your BP on a regular basis to ensure that it is within the normal range.
  • We will let you know when you should book your next appointment with us.