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Wellness Workshops


You may be invited to attend one of our Wellness Workshops.  These sessions are led by our health care providers and are provided at our office (Greenbrook location). These workshops are aimed to help patients manage their health, enhance coping strategies and meet with others who may be having similar concerns.  

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Intro. to Solids Workshop: A one-hour workshop to learn how and when to introduce solid foods to your baby. Month by month instructions on what types of foods should be introduced first and when the right time is for your baby.  Parent’s and babies are welcome! 

Craving Change Workshop Series: This 4 week how-to workshop is for changing your relationship with food. This 4-part series helps you to understand why you eat the way you do, identify personal triggers for problematic eating and how to respond to those triggers differently. Craving Change is a workshop for those who “know what to do, but just can’t do it!”. 

Eat Well, Live Well Workshop: Do you want to live a longer, healthier, more energized life?  The food and nutrition you choose to put into your body has a huge impact on the quality of your life. Through this hour and a half workshop, our Registered Dietitians will provide information about current research as well as focus on practical nutrition and lifestyle strategies to improve your overall health and reduce your risk of developing chronic disease.

Walk and Talk Workshop Series: Looking to boost your energy? Do you want to be more active but have difficulty getting started? Do you enjoy walking? If "yes", then join our Walk and Talk group. Join one of our Social Workers and Registered Dietitians for a 6-week adult walking group. Nutrition/stress management tips for your daily life will also be provided.

Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop Series: This 4-week workshop is an opportunity to nurture your relationship as thousands of others are doing throughout North America and abroad. Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy, developed over the past 30 years, has the best outcomes for lasting change.