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The New Vision Family Health Team is made up of a team of multi-disciplinary health professionals working together to provide the best possible quality of care for our patients.

Family Physicians 

Fifteen family physicians practice out of our main Greenbrook location: 

  • Dr. Adam Agate
  • Dr. Tracy Bausmer 
  • Dr. Morgan Brown
  • Dr. Karen Cameron 
  • Dr. Steven Chan 
  • Dr. Yidersal Gebeyehu
  • Dr. Sarah Gimbel
  • Dr. Martin Kane 
  • Dr. Shvan Korsheed 
  • Dr. Albert Mensah 
  • Dr. Rose Noble
  • Dr. Thomas O'Brien 
  • Dr. Meredith Pope 
  • Dr. Chase Reaume
  • Dr. Joanna Zorzitto 

Additionally, Dr. Balraj Singh practices at Boardwalk location in Waterloo.

Locum Physicians

When your physician is absent, you may be offered an appointment with a locum physician. A locum refers to a physician who assumes another physician’s clinical duties on a temporary basis. Locums are a valuable component of our team because they enable our physicians to take time off for professional development, illness, maternity/paternity leave or vacation. Although you may prefer to see your own family physician, our locums offer excellent care in their absence.

Executive Director

The spirit of "team" is a priority for our Executive Director.

As an integral member of the New Vision Family Health Team, the Executive Director is responsible to the Board of Directors of the Family Health Team to advise on matters of policy and risk management, financial management, human resources, and quality monitoring and evaluation. The Executive Director also supports programs and services through actively developing team based, patient-centered practices that meet professional and best-practice standards of care.

Working with the Board of Directors, the Executive Director develops strategic plans and acts as liaison with the community, KW4 Ontario Health Team (OHT) and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC).

Clinical Manager

Our Clinical Manager provides leadership in alignment of New Vision's mission, vision and core vales. In addition to her nursing responsibilities, our Clinical Manager is also responsible for supporting human resource management and overseeing the clinical team, as well as conflict resolution. 

Operations Manager

New Vision's Operations Manager supports the organization in its day-to-day operations, assume a significant role in administration, information management and facility maintenance, and supports human resources as needed.  

Health Outcomes Assessor

New Vision's Health Outcomes Assessor responsible for supporting New Vision in our quality improvement planning, decision making and implementation activities. This includes reviewing data quality, supporting the implementation of data quality initiatives and improving the flow and use of information throughout the clinic.

Administrative Support Team

Our Medical Receptionists are an essential member of our team and are responsible for maintaining the clinic, improving patient access, coordinating services and ensuring quality patient care. They work collaboratively with all team members and patients to support the vision, mission and core values of the New Vision Family Health Team.

Privacy Officer

The New Vision Family Health Team has appointed Kristen V as our Privacy Officer. Kristen ensures compliance with Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), develops privacy policies and conducts routine privacy audit of information use. For more information on PHIPA, click here.

Nurse Practitioners

As a part of our enhanced nursing team, New Vision has Nurse Practitioners available to help meet the needs of our patients.  Nurse Practitioners are independent practitioners who are often working in collaboration with other health care providers including Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, Social Workers, and Dietitians.

Nurse Practitioners have the competence to provide comprehensive health assessments, order diagnostic tests, diagnose, prescribe medications and manage acute and chronic illness within a holistic model of care.

Health Educator/Promoter

Our Health Educator/Promoter is a Registered Nurse who ensures all eligible patients are able to be screened for preventative care (including cervical, breast and colon cancer screening), as well as immunizations. Our Health Educator/Promoter also supports patient self-management through healthy living, illness prevention and chronic disease management.  

Nursing Team

Our Nurses teach patients and families how to promote good health, prevent disease, and manage chronic illnesses. They are also available to provide injections/ immunizations, wart treatments, ear syringing and other appropriate treatments, as well as assume responsibility for communication of test results, medication requests to pharmacists and triage calls to enhance patient care.

New Vision's enhanced nursing team continues to assist in the development and management of our Chronic Disease and Preventive Care Programs.

Medical Office Assistants

Our Medical Office Assistants work in a hands-on clinical support capacity in our Family Health Team. They manage patient flow through the clinic and are available to take your blood pressure, weight and help with collecting specimens.

Clinical Pharmacists

Our Clinical Pharmacists helps in optimizing medication therapy and serves as a resource to the entire team. Our Clinical Pharmacist is also involved in several clinical programs to ensure safe, comprehensive and effective pharmacotherapy for specific chronic conditions. New Vision patients can meet with the Clinical Pharmacist one-on-one to complete a medication review and ask drug related questions. 

Mental Health Counsellors

Our Mental Health Counsellors are all Registered Social Workers. They work with children through to seniors and provide consultation and/or short-term therapy for a variety of issues such as: depression, anxiety, stress management, grief and bereavement, family and couple relationships, trauma and abuse, parenting, and issues related to loss or adjustment. If you would benefit from short term support, please speak with your family physician about a referral. In addition to individual, couple and family counseling our team members occasionally facilitate wellness workshops around a variety of topics related to stress management, parenting and coping with various health issues. 

Registered Dietitians

Our Registered Dietitians provide nutrition counseling and education to individuals and groups. They educate on making wise eating choices that promote good health at any stage of life. They also provide specialized nutrition therapy to help manage conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other gastrointestinal disorders, food allergies and intolerances, arthritis, liver and kidney disorders and more. 

Our Registered Dietitians are also Certified Diabetes Educators. They provide education to patients who are newly diagnosed diabetics, have long-standing type 2 diabetes or have pre-diabetes.