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Did you know that OHIP and/or WSIB does not pay for all the services that may be provided by a physician or practitioner? Please see below for a list of New Vision's uninsured services and respective fees.

Please note: Individual physicians reserve the right to adjust or waive fees without prior notice. 

Missed Physician Appointments:

Missed Appointment Fee - $40-60


  • You will be required to complete a Fee Acknowledgement Form when you submit your request. You may also complete this form online by clicking here.
  • Completion time for paperwork is 21 days. We strongly recommend you submit your paperwork request early.  If you require the paperwork to be completed in 5 business days, then you need to request a Rush Premium which will cost 25% extra. If your doctor is unable to prioritize this over their medical duties, you will not be charged the rush premium.

Flat Fee Services:

Simple note for work/school/therapy/devices/travel - $25

Forms (insurance, workplace, etc.), No physical exam

  • Up to 2 pages - $50, additional pages at $25/page

Forms (Ministry of Transportation, etc.), major physical exam required - $150

Tax forms (i.e. CRA disability tax credit) - $100

Service Canada: Medical Certificate for Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits - $50

MVA insurance forms (does not include physical exam)

  • OCF-3, OCF-18 or OCF-23 - $160
  • OCF-19 - $120

Time-based services:

Service Canada: Medical Report (i.e. CPP disability)

  • First 30 minutes, covered by Service Canada. Additional time required at $40/10- minute increments, rounded-up

Complicated letter (i.e. Travel-related/cancelation, letter for CRA/audits, letter for lawyer/accountant, special requests, etc.)

  • $50 minimum for the first 20 minutes, additional time $40/10-minute increments, rounded-up

List of Forms with No Fee to Patient:

WSIB forms (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board)

Disabled Parking Permit Application

Transit Forms for Disabled Hearing Device Application

Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services forms

  • Ontario Works
  • Ontario Disability Support Program
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding nutritional allowance
  • Special diet allowance

Children’s Aid Society Form (on behalf of child) Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

  • Assistive Devices
  • Request for an Unlisted Drug Product Exceptional Access Program (EAP) Permanent Resident Card Form

Request for Birth Certificate Form Canadian Passport Application Forms

  • Doctor under no obligation to be a guarantor, however if your doctor does agree, no fee applicable 

Licensing/Certificate Physicals:

Driver's Physical - $150

Aviation Physical - $200

Work Physical - $150

School/Sports Physical - $50-$150 depending on length of form 

Medical Records/Administration:

Transfer of Medical Records (for transfer of care to a new family physician)


Paper copy - $35.00 (first 20 pages) + $0.30 per additional page

USB Format - $40.00

Couple/Family (2+ persons)

Paper copy - $35.00 (first 20 pages) + $0.35 per additional page

USB Format - $80.00

Paper copies of test results without a visit (for personal purposes only) – $0.35 per page

Electronic copies of test results without a visit - no charge

Request for documents to be mailed (for personal purpose, ie: test results, requisitions, etc) - $5 minimum (does not include cost of the paper copies).

Note: For third party requests (i.e. Insurance companies, law firms, etc.), fee will be determined by each individual physician, based on the Ontario Medical Association’s suggested rate listed in the 2017 edition of the Physicians’ Guide to Uninsured Services, for which chargeable items include cost of copying, out-of-pocket disbursements, and professional review billed at physician's hourly rate.

Other Medical Services:

Circumcisions (age < 1 year) - $225.00; (age 4-10 years old) - $500.00. Note: Late cancellations (less than 24 hours) or no shows will be charged a fee of $50.00. For those who pay online, refund will be deducted.

TB Tests* (per step; includes form) - $25.00

Lumps/bumps excisions (simple lesions, benign) - $100.00

Uninsured Wart Treatments** - $20.00 per treatment (no limit on number of warts in a treatment)

*Excludes: Residents of Long-term Care facilities (65+ years old) OR students from any educational institution requiring TB skin testing for educational requirements.

**Wart treatments that are INSURED by OHIP are:

  • Plantar warts (i.e. warts on soles of feet)
  • Genital or perianal warts
  • Persons under age of 18 with warts involving head or neck
  • All warts on immunocompromised patients
  • Examples include: HIV positive, organ transplant recipients, being on systemic medications that suppress immune system (oral steroids, chemotherapy, etc.)