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Do you have a concern you would like us to address?

The New Vision Family Health Team strives to provide the highest quality of healthcare in a safe and supportive environment. The purpose of this forum is to ensure that patients of the New Vision Family Health Team have the means to bring forward any issues that may arise regarding their care as being part of the Family Health Team.

Procedure:   If you have a concern about quality of care, we encourage you to first discuss your concern with the appropriate member of your healthcare team. The physicians and other healthcare professionals who have been involved in your care are most familiar with your particular situation.  Usually they will be able to quickly resolve any issues you may have. If a member of your healthcare team is unable to satisfy your concerns or if you are not satisfied with their response, a formal written complaint is required. Please complete the form below and submit. 

Receiving a Complaint:  A member of our management team will acknowledge complaint in a reasonable time frame.

Investigation of the Complaint: The complaint will be investigated in an attempt to resolve the issue. In order to do this, the Clinical Manager or Operations Manager may need to review the complaint with the appropriate person(s) involved and/or pull telephone recordings. 

Plan for Resolution of the Complaint:  Following the investigation, a written response will be provided.

Complaint against a Physician: In the case of a patient complaint against a physician, it is the duty of the Manager to discuss the complaint fully with the named primary care provider. After this preliminary discussion, the Lead Physician may also be consulted regarding any medical concerns. Any ongoing concerns are then presented to the Board of Directors and those members determine any action required.

If the patient wishes to terminate the patient-physician relationship they may do so at any time.

The New Vision Family Health Team has a long standing policy that does not allow a transfer of care to another physician within our Family Health Team.

Recording Complaints: We will log all complaints we receive so that we can monitor the types of problems brought forward to improve our service delivery. Complaints and complaint responses will not become a part of a patients' electronic medical record.