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Send us a Message/Attachment

The New Vision Family Health Team gives you the option of sending a non-urgent secure message to our office, as well as the option to send forms, documents or photos when requested by your physician.

This service is not intended to replace a medical appointment, but it can be used to ask simple questions or inquire about a specialist referral/appointment. 

To initiate this secure messaging service, you will be asked to provide identifying information to ensure you are a current patient of New Vision.  Please allow 3 - 5 business days for a reply. The reply may come in the form of an Ocean Secure Message or telephone call.

**Please do not use this form to send a message requiring an urgent reply**

 Send a Secure Message and/or Attachment

Note: Prescription renewal requests are not accepted through this feature. Instead, please have your pharmacy fax the refill request to our office at 519-578-6040. Our office will contact you if an appointment is required. 

Form/note requests: 

You are required to complete a Fee Acknowledgement Form when you submit a request to have a form completed by your physician. There may be a fee for your form. 

Fee Acknowledgment Form